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Brief #7 - Amnesty Action on Google

Haiyan Zhang
posted this on February 16, 2012, 14:44

“Amnesty Action on Google” utilizes the Google Map open source API to create an interactive platform, bringing victims, supporters and the general public together to map where unlawful detentions have taken place around the world.

The platform’s primary function is to raise awareness of the plight of those who have been unlawfully detained by allowing victims to share their stories. Victims of unlawful detention or activists can upload videos, images, stories to the map, revealing hotspots of unlawful detention around the world.

Visitors can show their support through sharing these stories with their social networks, learning more about unlawful detention in different regions of the world or contacting and supporting victims directly (i.e. financially or emotionally).


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Skills needed

Google Maps API, Web development, Web design.