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Brief #5 - Boris Bikes for Tourists

Haiyan Zhang
posted this on February 14, 2012, 21:11

About 30 million tourists visit the UK every year and a significant number of them spend time in London visiting its popular attractions. Central London is now well equipped with Boris Bikes in locations that are often ideally situated for tourists to use. Boris Bikes have so far targeted London commuters, used strenuously in the morning and evening commutes. However, during the day they are used less and this could be ideal for tourists. Boris Bikes can now be used without signing up. All you need to do Casual Use is a credit card.

How can we design an extension to the Boris Bikes service that helps tourists to take advantage of this great resource? Cycling is healthy and you see more of London than riding the tube. But there are things to think about – language, safety, routes that are less dangerous.

The new service could bring together data resources such as bike locations, route finding and tourist attractions with some new ideas how to add features to existing bikes to help tourists.



Skills needed:

Mobile application development, Industrial design, Interaction design, Communication design